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Why a new icon community?
Because I want to show some of the icons I create but most importantly, I want to see more creative icons on livejournal. Hopefully this community will bring some of the more creative people in livejournal here to show their art.

This community is for displaying origonal icon works. There are some communities out there that have members that make hand drawn origionals but I would rather use some photos I have taken and draw or edit elements with image editing software. If you like to work this way or like unique art in icons this is the place to be.

Your post will be deleted if you break these rules!

1. Use the <lj-cut text="whatever"> tag when posting more than 3 icons.
2. All of the photographs or drawings you use must be your own or ones you have the copyrights to! If I suspect that they are not your pictures, (like if they are of Brittney or someone,) I will delete your post!
3. If you post your icons, then create more in that same day, edit your post and place them there.
4. If you post in this community, you cannot link to another community or journal to receive your comments.
5. Don't post requesting icons. If you see someones work that pleases you, comment to their post and ask them.
6. If you use an icon from in here, give credit where credit is due, have the journalist's name listed beside the icon in the keywords/comments of that icon.
7. If these rules are broken consistently, action will be taken. This may be your only warning.

Please adhere to these rules, I don't want to make this a closed community.

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